Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) – Mobile Applications

Compass Informatics develop mobile survey tools for the Local Government Management Agency

As part of a long term strategy for improving the quality and availability of road infrastructure asset data, Compass Informatics developed a series of mobile tools that can be used by surveyors to capture data in the field. These apps are easy to use and collect geolocated data that can be uploaded to the LGMA’s pavement management system making so that decisions can be made using accurate and current information.

The Challenge

Keeping the database of Ireland’s road infrastructure up to date with current data in a consistent format can be a challenge, particularly when input is required from many sources. As part of a broader programme of work including the development of web-based GIS to present pavement quality data and a migration of 100,000 KM to OSi’s Prime 2 data set, Compass Informatics were commissioned to develop mobile applications so that surveyors in the field could easily and correctly update asset information.

The Solution

PMS (Pavement Management System) applications have been built with Xamarin’s cross-platform development framework. Xamarin enables developers to build native apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase, using shared IDE, language and APIs. The four mobile apps have been built over time, incrementally allowing the team to make improvements to the code base with each iteration. 

The development of these mobile applications enables  Local Authorities and independent third parties to collect and provide pavement quality data in a consistent format to Local Authority systems. 

Mobile applications are used to information relating to roads, including: 

–          PSCI – Pavement Survey Condition Index, a standardised quality rating.

–          Speed Limits – for the capture of speed limit changes on roads

–          Footways – for the capture of footpath quality and hazards

–          Works – for the capture of road work locations