Compass Presents at GeoDATA 2012 in Glasgow and Belfast


GeoDATA 2012 was a free seminar series bringing together geospatial professionals to share advice on how to think smarter and do more with geographic information. Through presentations and case studies, GeoDATA events provide the venue for presenting innovative ways to manage, maintain and maximise your geospatial investment, through presentations and cast studies. The associated Exhibition showcases the latest geomatics technologies, software, systems and services.

Compass Informatics were present at the GeoDATA 2012 events in Glasgow and Belfast on 6 November and 15 November, respectively. The Compass Informatics presentation was titled: “Committed to Research: Developing Web & App Tools for Easier GIS”. Download the Compass GeoData12 Presentations.

An on-going challenge for the GI and IT industry in general is how to reduce the costs – in time, money, and heartache – to deliver information management systems. It is this challenge that has driven Compass Informatics to increasingly focus on research and development and to deliver products to the market place.

The presentations focused on the drivers behind Compass’ research investment to date and plans for ongoing development, including results achieved so far and the benefits to clients plus an overview of some typical end-user applications.

Products include:

  • Smartphone GIS app with offline mode possible for rural locations that may be off-network.
  • Smartphone spatial video apps with supporting website – learn more about Ubipix.
  • Web map viewer based on the Esri Silverlight API with rapid configuration tools
  • Web map viewer based on a framework of open source components

Based on these core developments, variants specific to market requirements have been made for land management, roads management, tourism, health and safety.