Compass15: Focus on…Mobile networks data in asset & infrastructure planning

In advance of our Compass15 conference, we highlight the contribution from our partners, Citi Logik:

From big data to practical solutions for asset and infrastructure management:  anonymised network data

Mobile phone operators are increasingly recognizing that the huge volume of data they collect in real time from the mobile phone networks is a key enabler in understanding how people move by foot, in road vehicles or by train.  When combined with external data sources such as demographic information and other location related information, it is now possible to provide valuable insights into movement and usage patterns:

  • Planning large infrastructure projects
  • Effective roadworks planning
  • Getting around London faster
  • Delivering better shopping experiences
  • Helping businesses to be greener

Citi Logik with the support of Compass Informatics have developed an entirely new way of identifying and analyzing people movement derived from anonymised and aggregated location information combined with demographic data.  The team has developed a fast data platform, which is capable of meeting the planning and operational needs of professionals working to design and build smarter cities.

Stephen Leece, Managing Director of Citi Logik said ‘we have developed unique algorithms so that for the first time anonymised, aggregated mobile network data can be used to significantly enrich and improve our understanding of pedestrian, vehicle and rail journeys.’

Citi Logik is a British technology company established in 2011 with funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board to develop demand insights and predictive analytics derived from anonymised mobile phone network data in compliance with UK data privacy laws and future EU regulations. The company has extensive and proven experience in gathering, organizing, fusing and publishing complex data sets, and providing analytical insight.

Citi Logik will make a presentation and also host a workshop at Compass15 on September 10, 2015.