Compass15: Focus on…National Transport Authority

National Transport AuthorityIn advance of Compass15 conference, we summarise the framework programme of works being delivered with the National Transport Authority.

Following a public tendering procedure in 2014, Compass Informatics was awarded the contract for provision of GeoSpatial Information Support Services to the National Transport Authority, Ireland.  The Authority engaged Compass Informatics to provide spatial data management and spatial data analysis services over a two year period to assist with the work programmes of various departments within the Authority.

For a year now, Compass Informatics have been working on a framework for spatial data management and sharing with the National Transport Authority, Ireland.  The plan of works have broadly fallen into the streams of data capture and remediation, data management and structuring, and data access and visualisation.  The Compass team has combined its data analytics and GIS skills with its systems design and development capability, and also assisting the Authority in the advance of their GIS infrastructure and infrastructural knowledge. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a key requirement for the NTA in supporting its transport planning remit and informing investment and service priorities.

At Compass15, the National Transport Authority will present its plans for development of a framework of spatial & information technologies, which seek to optimise the use of information across the organisation.