Compass15: Thank You!

On behalf of the Compass Informatics team I wish you to thank everyone who attended the Compass15 conference this Thursday Sept 10.  We hope that the day succeeded as a forum for knowledge exchange and an opportunity to make new links across organisations.

We would like to recognise the contribution of our esteemed presenters and chairpersons, and their organisations, in the operation of the conference.  We believe that Compass15 was an opportunity for a wider audience to know of and learn from the work of these organisations, and the projects and products we in Compass Informatics have had the opportunity to work on with them.

I would also like to thank my colleagues at Compass Informatics, and also our valued partners, for working so hard to make the event a success and in generating a fitting atmosphere.

Selected videos and presentations will be made available from the day.  These will be prepared and published once agreed with each presenter.

We are now embarking on another phase of company development. We would appreciate hearing from you on what we currently do well, what we need to improve on and how you would like to see us make those improvements, and what skills and capabilities you would like to see us develop.

We ask that there is one action from the day for all who attended, and indeed others for whom the conference was of interest:  Please contact us, give us your feedback, and facilitate our development as an ever improving company.

Gearoid Ó Riain, Managing Director

11th September 2015


Compass Informatics is a growing company that continues to invest in sustainable growth of the company, in delivery of innovative solutions, and in development of our team.  The core company capabilities can be summarised as follows:

  • Information technologies
  • Location technologies
  • Data analytics
  • Field computing
  • Project delivery, managed services, and support

We combine the expert technical skills we have with a strong thematic understanding of a range of application areas that we work in.  These include, for example, planning, environment, transportation, natural resources, land & asset management.

We do make every effort to be innovative especially in our combination of information systems, spatial technology, data analysis, and visualisation.  We have a continuing commitment to deliver to a high quality level, undertaking continuous improvement in this regard.  Importantly we also look to build partnerships with the people and the organisations we are fortunate to work with.