Handheld Case Study Updates – Improved ROI


ROI with the Versatile ALGIZ 7

In all types of rugged environments, workers need reliable technology solutions to get their jobs done well.  Our rugged mobile devices go above and beyond, continually proving they’re able to help organizations increase efficiency, improve data accuracy and cut expenses.  Recently, our ALGIZ 7 tablet PC helped the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Peikko Finland  improve operations — both out in the field and in the warehouse.

SEPA: The ALGIZ 7 in all kinds of weather

SEPA userSurveying 125,000 kilometers of rivers and streams in rugged Scotland is no small task — which makes it especially impressive that the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, using the ALGIZ 7, found a way to successfully complete this massive, long-term and labor-intensive field data collection project while  cutting its budget at the same time.  SEPA shifted from time-wasting, paper-based data collection to a digital system using field-mapping and  data-collection software on the ALGIZ 7, and expects to save more than £700,000 in the first three years  of the project alone.

Read the full Case Study here.


Peikko: Warehousing and the ALGIZ  7

Peikko UserWhich would you trust more to keep track of your company’s physical assets: a human’s memory, or a  computer’s?  When manufacturing company Peikko Finland made the quantum leap from the fallibility of human recall to  the precision of ALGIZ 7 tablet computers, the instant improvement in their inventory control answered the  question without a doubt.  A forklift rumbling around a dusty warehouse is not the ideal place for highly sensitive electronic equipment.  That’s where the ALGIZ 7’s extreme ruggedness proves its worth

See the full Case Study here.


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