Latest INSPIRE Regulation Text Approved


On 8 April 2013, the INSPIRE Committee, which comprises representatives from all EU Member States, unanimously approved the Implementing Rule regarding the data themes of Annex II and III. This important event is a milestone for the interoperability in E.U., primarily for the environmental related spatial data, but also for other communities who will benefit and will build upon the INSPIRE experience! This text forms the basis for the new EC Regulation that will now be under review by the European Parliament for a period of not longer than 3 months, and which is expected to be published in the Official Journal in September or October this year. From that date, it becomes EU-wide law.

At the meeting, the way forward was agreed regarding on-going INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation work. A Commission Expert Group (MIG) will be set up, with nominated representatives from the Member States, EFTA / accession / candidate country and one representative of the EEA.

An open Call for Experts to participate in the Maintenance activity will be launched in May 2013 to create a “Pool of experts” able to intervene in ad-hoc group(s) to solve a specific maintenance issue when necessary, and according to the Work Programme. The rolling Work Programme for the MIG will start with a first proposal to be discussed and agreed in October 2013 (by which time the EC Regulation will have been published and taken effect). More details about that process and Terms of Reference will be communicated soon.

More information will also be available at the INSPIRE 2013 Conference, to be held in Florence, Italy, 24-27 June 2013.