Remember BioBlitz?

BioBlitz 2013 happened for 24 busy hours from 5pm on May 24th to 5pm on May 25th. Covered by RTÉ, the Irish national TV broadcaster, it gained great profile for biodiversity recording and for the data management and analysis work at the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Colebrooke Estate won the race, but hopefully biodiversity was the winner!

BioBlitz is a very unusual championship – it features scientists and amateur naturalists in search of the flora and fauna of the Irish landscape. Listen now to Liam Lysaght, Director of the National Biodiversity Data Centre, explain all on radio. See ‘The Results’ programme too. The National Biodiversity Data Centre is operated by Compass Informatics on behalf of the Heritage Council.

The Bioblitz took place in four different locations: Wicklow Mountains National Park, the Burren National Park, Lough Key Forest Park, in Co. Roscommon, and Colebrooke Estate, Co. Fermanagh. Volunteers had to record as many species as possible in the allotted time, identifying everything from the largest mammals and the tallest trees to the smallest bugs in the undergrowth.

To learn more about the National Biodiversity Data Centre see Liam’s presentation at Compass12 or our overview page. For more about BioBlitz see

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