[Event Recap] 2023 Compass Informatics

Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape

Compass Informatics Recaps 2023 and Looks to 2024

As the year draws to a close, Compass Informatics reflects on a remarkable journey through the second half of 2023.

We’ve had the privilege of participating in a series of groundbreaking events, each one providing a platform for us to showcase our expertise, connect with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

From the bustling halls of industry conferences to the intimate settings of workshops and seminars, we’ve engaged in stimulating discussions, exchanged knowledge, and forged new partnerships.

These interactions have been instrumental in fuelling our innovation and shaping our vision for the future.

Join us in taking a look back at some of the exceptional events that our teams have attended and contributed in for the latter half of 2023;



Compass were delighted to sponsor the 2023 & 15th Irish Earth Observation Symposium (IEOS) with our team in attendance at Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick.

IEOS is an annual event that brings together researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers from the world of Earth Observation (EO) in Ireland.

Our team of Rob O’Loughlin & Eldar Baykiev were delighted to discuss developments within EO with a number of industry professionals as well as present the following abstracts:

  • Detection of hedgerows using CAMEO platform
  • Detection of grazing using Sentinel-1 derived 2D signals
  • The AMS – Use of EO in determining compliance with CAP schemes


ESA Commercialisation Days


Our Technical Director, Walter French, was present at the ESA Commercialisation Days Event in The Netherlands in November.

It was great to find out more about the current research, emerging trends and further explore how space and transportation can work in coalition.

As the way we think about transport evolves with the data and tools available to us, it’s crucial to stay at the forefront of these advancements.


Compass Annual Event


We were thrilled to bring the wider Compass family all together in one place in November at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.

It was great to discuss all Compass Informatics developments and case studies as well as our potential future initiatives with our 30th anniversary fast approaching.

Teamwork is essential to everything we do at Compass Informatics and we are looking forward to what the future brings.

GSI Conference


We were delighted to be in attendance at the annual Geological Survey Ireland Conference in Dublin Castle in November.

Geoscience will help to provide a better future for all and we were delighted to discuss further developments with industry partners and the latest changes within the geothermal, water, minerals and coastal sectors.

Robert O’Loughlin of Compass Informatics presented our poster on Satellite Derived Bathymetry for offshore renewable energy site selection and constraint analysis.


HP Deprivation Index


The Compass Informatics team of Vivienne Kelly and Nick Andrews were also delighted to have attended the launch event of the Pobal HP Deprivation Index at Dublin Castle in November.

The new HP Deprivation Index will be a part of Pobal Maps which is a free interactive Geographical Information System proudly developed by Compass.

Minister of State for Community Development, Joe O’Brien, also commented that the index “is invaluable as it allows for effective planning and the targeting of resources in ways that have a positive and lasting impact.”


Space Hub Yorkshire / Yorkshire Space Summit


We were happy to have been a part of the recent Yorkshire Space Summit event in connection with Space Hub Yorkshire and Flanders Investment & Trade – UK to coincide with a number of extraordinary events taking place throughout World Space Week in October.

Our Commercial Director Phil Baldacchino-Steward, was on hand at The Faversham in Leeds, UK to discuss the importance of growth within the UK Earth Observation and Space sectors.

Compass Informatics are looking forward to actively contributing and collaborating across upcoming space developments within the UK & EU.


Destination Earth


Our Technical Director, Walter French delivered a presentation at the Destination Earth workshop in October, addressing real world examples of how Earth Observation has driven change in the delivery of Area Monitoring Systems.

EO is playing an increasingly important role in AMS, as it provides a unique and powerful way to collect data over large areas, frequently, and at a relatively low cost.

By providing improved data quality, resolution, and availability, EO is helping AMS to become more effective and efficient.

Data Intelligence 2023

Compass were also happy to present at Data Intelligence 2023 which took place in The Ashely Hotel in Dublin throughout September past.

This event was attended by a number of GIS & Data professionals from the island of Ireland and will facilitate knowledge sharing and skills-building.

Our very own Walter French delivered a presentation discussing how the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is to utilise an AMS, delivered by Compass and partners in the Netherlands (NEO) and Austria (EOX) using FME.

Environment Ireland


We also attended the Environment Ireland event at Croke Park, Dublin in September where industry leaders are addressing issues facing both the nationwide and global environment and looking at potential future actions over the course of the 2-day programme.

Compass Informatics offer a number of solutions and services that can be used throughout the environment optimisation process.

Key topics of discussion including The Circular Economy, Biodiversity, Climate & Environment Planning will delve deeper into our current national situation and our team are more than willing to have a further discussion with you about how we can potentially help.

FOSS4G UK Local Events


It was great to also participate in the OSGeo UK FOSS4G 2023 events taking place across the UK & Ireland in Glasgow & Maynooth University last September.

Our colleague Adriaan Keurhorst made a presentation on ‘Deep learning and Sentinel-1 for Grazing Detection in Ireland’ at the conference in Kildare.

Similarly at the Glasgow event, our relocated colleague Liam O’Connor, was presenting about “the utilisation of MapServer in an asset management system” .


As we look ahead to 2024, we are filled with excitement and anticipation.

We are eager to continue our active participation in industry events, recognising their importance as catalysts for continued development and collaboration.

These gatherings provide a fertile ground for exchanging ideas, exploring emerging trends, and discovering new opportunities to make a positive impact.

Compass are committed to fostering open dialogue and sharing our expertise with the wider community.

We believe that by actively participating in industry events, we can contribute to the collective advancement of knowledge and drive innovation forward.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of data & technology.

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