GIS and Data Analytics

Compass Informatics has been a leading GIS and data analytics solution provider since 1997.  We combine strong data management, data exploration, spatial analysis, and visualisation skillsets.

Digital Insights Workflow

Our overall approach is to create digital data workflows that allow us to then discover information insights. That is why we have a complete skillset across our teams from data capture, management, analysis, and visualisation.  This means we have skills in web & mobile systems development, alongside great GIS and data analytics development skills, and data science & spatial analytics expertise, supported by reliable support & advisory services.

Data Analytics and Data Exploration Services

Data, whether spatial or non-spatial, packs the greatest punch when it can be used to tell a story. 

Our GIS and data analytics and exploration services assist our clients in understanding the relationships and Spatio-temporal patterns held within their datasets.  We can help release information insights from your data through:

  • Exploratory sessions that will delve into large datasets to explore potential relationships held within;
  • Analytical sessions that can yield solid patterns and evidence-based outcomes;
  • Visualisation of outputs that will help transform a large and inaccessible dataset into a visual tool that can be used to support decision making.

GIS Services

Our GIS services can scale to cover local, enterprise and web- and cloud-based GIS installations.  We can support your GIS requirements through:

  • The design, implementation and support of GIS solutions, at a scale appropriate to your organisation;
  • Building and supporting your organisation’s in-house GIS capabilities through secondment and/or training services.

LGMA/RMO Pavement Management case study

Compass designed and built a bespoke GIS-based mapping solution for the Local Government Management Agency and the Road Management Office to view national road surface condition information. Data is collected by local authorities via mobile apps built by Compass and presented via the web-based GIS application.

Data Management

As organisations grow they become increasingly dependent on large volumes of data distributed across multiple databases and applications. In turn, confidence in the integrity of that data depends on well-designed data services and holdings which will assist in efficient and effective decision-making.

Our data services assist our clients to achieve a high degree of confidence in the information they use for strategic decision-making.  We can provide consultancy and project-based services to:

  • Collate and integrate data from multiple sources;
  • Design and build data holdings and data services to enable the sharing of data between different applications;
  • Provide advice and guidance on best practice data governance, a key requirement if management teams are to have confidence in the data used for strategic decision making. Case Study

For the Heritage Council, we cleaned, collated and organised data from a variety of sources, both service-based and static, to present a wealth of data relating to Ireland’s cultural, built and natural heritage.  These datasets are presented using the Compass Informatics custom Layer Widget within an Esri ArcGIS environment enabling the user to navigate the data with ease. View the case study here