HubCAP is a new solution from Compass Informatics (formerly of Icon Geo) and is supported by InCubed, a programme of, and funded by, ESA, the European Space Agency.

Compass BIO

Compass BIO is a bioresources operations management & compliance platform proven in UK water companies and available for wider adoption.  Essentially it covers all steps undertaken in a bioresources business and ensures regulatory compliance, and revenue generation in a safe and sustainable manner.

Biosolids management software for water treatment

Compass Analytics

Compass Analytics is a Cloud platform that uses a ‘best of breed’ combination of Microsoft Azure and Esri ArcGIS technologies, plus Compass Informatics expertise, to deliver a decision support tool with strong spatial and network analytical capabilities.

Biodiversity maps

Biodiversity Informatics

Through Compass Informatics’ work for biodiversity organisations, a solutions platform has been built leveraging the data management,  analytics and data science, sharing and reporting skills of the team. This supports current work in Ireland and South Africa.


Esri ArcGIS

We have over 20 years of experience in the development of solutions using the Esri product suite.  We develop with desktop, web, mobile and enterprise-level systems. Many of our advanced systems are based around ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online with extensive customisation using our own tools and development framework.


Citi Logik – People & Vehicle Movement Analysis

Working with Citi Logik, we assisted in the development of new ways of identifying and analysing demand activity, which we apply to complex spatial challenges in the sectors of Transport, Intelligent Mobility, Smarter Cities, Retail & Advertising, and the Built Environment.

Field Nutrient management software

Nutrient Management Planning System

The Nutrient Management Planning system is an enterprise scale solution that creates detailed farm plans suited to the farmer and to regulatory compliance.  It is a complex system made simple, and a complex problem solved.

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‘In the design & delivery of these services, the staff of Compass Informatics have displayed a high level of technical skill in & have engaged well with management in designing solutions that are fit for requirements.’

Transport Sector Data & Systems Manager

‘Compass proved to be highly efficient and technically robust. Delivering quickly a well thought out and neatly annotated model aligned to our brief.’

Head of Conservation Intelligence – World Wildlife Fund

‘Compass Informatics delivered above expectations…’

Heritage Sector CEO

‘The project has shown the competency & skill of the Compass team in systems design & development, business analysis & documentation, infrastructure design, data management, spatial information systems.’

Agri Sector Project Manager

‘In the design and development of these systems, the staff of Compass Informatics have displayed a high level of technical skill in designing .Net based solutions that utilise Open Source offerings appropriately, integrating with pre-existing proprietary systems also.’

Local Authority Project Manager

For delivery of the large transport data project, the Compass team have been great to work with. Compass’ additional support advising on interim data solution using existing GIS infrastructure was very welcomed.

Project Manager – Bus Network Data