Staff Secondment

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service and customer support, Compass provides a high-quality staff secondment service for clients who require additional skilled technical, development, management or leadership, team members.

These secondments cover all GIS services and can last from months to years, during which our staff members’ full employment rights and benefits remain intact. Our secondment team are fully committed to maintaining and developing relationships between Compass Informatics and our client companies.

Expert skills, when you need them


Our specialist secondment staff don’t just fill gaps. They’ll apply their experience and expertise to the task at hand and very often bring a new perspective in terms of new technologies and fresh ideas.


We endeavour to provide a seamless support service to our clients by ensuring, where possible, that we achieve continuity of specific team members to specific clients.


Compass maintain regular contact with all members of our secondment team, both to provide support and to continuously evaluate performance against the secondment brief.


Regular staff training and communications keep our secondment personnel in the loop with relevant technology updates.

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GIS resource solutions

Download a summary of our GIS resourcing and secondment services.