Compass BIO

The millions of tonnes of biosolids generated in waste and wastewater treatment plants and in another bio-waste handling is a huge resource available for safe reuse in agriculture. Concerns around compliance, and complexity across the multiple steps between plant and field and regulator, make for challenges.

Operations & Management Platform for Bioresources

Compass BIO is a bioresources operations management & compliance platform proven in UK water companies and available for wider adoption.  Essentially it covers all steps undertaken in a bioresources business and ensures regulatory compliance, and revenue generation in a safe and sustainable manner.

“Bio” was built following a specific logic consisting of validations and calculations, implemented to satisfy requirements for all the activities related to the delivery of biosolids, as described in the BAS regulations and code of practice guidelines

Data feeds come from sensor telemetry, LIMS, and mobile access; calculations reflect BAS and other requirements; GIS mapping provides farm context & risk assessment; reporting supports billing but importantly compliance.

Download the Compass BIO Brochure.

Workflow overview

The workflow is always being enhanced and is configured per organisation.  Features & functionality, and terminology, can be set to match expectations.
The digital workflow & data resource delivers clear benefits in terms of team efficiency, risk mitigation, revenue enablement, and corporate & legislative compliance.