Expert GIS Advisory Services

Our diverse range of clients and challenges spanning several years make Compass Informatics the obvious choice when it comes to GIS Advisory Services including IT, Analytics strategy and consultancy. From five days to a hundred we can set out practical roadmaps, processes & systems.

GIS Advisory Services and Data Strategies

Geographic Information Systems are tools which broadly facilitate spatial data analysis, data capture, database management, spatially enabled datasets, and presentation & visualisation on the web, mobile – via maps, dashboards, reports. Compass Informatics are industry leaders in this area. We provide GIS Advisory Services and conduct strategic studies on a regular basis – assessing needs, setting out clear options, providing cost and scheduled roadmaps.  Such studies can be quite efficiently delivered – be it as short engagements or full and on-going.

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Technologies Consultancy

Compass Informatics has significant experience in developing, maintaining and deploying systems and can advise on appropriate tools and approaches.  We are vendor-independent and see that mindset as being important – we want a client to succeed not matter what the technology.  Contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

Organisational Change

Focusing on the challenges around optimal data capture, management, analysis and sharing; the organisational structures and roles required for this; skills development & support; and best practice examples from around the globe, Compass Informatics provides strategic advice, review and scoping studies.

Regulatory Compliance

Through our work with government and regulated bodies, we maintain an enviable knowledge base when it comes to regulatory affairs in our space. We can provide expert opinions when it comes to making sure that your business is compliant via the adoption of data insights and technologies, and is best positioned to take advantage of current and upcoming legislation.