Cloud computing, IoT and Mobile

Compass Informatics are experts at leveraging cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things) and field technologies to provide cutting edge data capture, big-data analytics and peerless software solutions.

Cloud Computing for IoT

We make extensive and appropriate use of cloud computing (AWS, Azure among others) for scalable hosting and processing infrastructure. The computing power and data storage available to us in the cloud allows us to develop extremely powerful, data-rich applications accessible across mobile and desktop devices. Our use of cloud computing provides an on-demand computing resource that delivers security, value, capacity, accessibility and elasticity to our business, our solutions and our clients.

You can trust Compass to deliver the best solutions with the latest and most appropriate technology available – it’s what we do, day in, day out, and we can do it for your organisation; just contact us to get the ball rolling!

IoT & Sensor Data Streaming

Sensors can be used to detect just about any physical element. Sensor data is in integral component of the increasing reality of the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. The huge volume of data produced and transmitted from sensing devices can create it’s own challenges. The challenge is to convert that data into evidence that can inform key strategic and business decisions.

At Compass we utilise sensor data and IoT elements to support real-world decision making and planning – for example our Biosolids Management System utilises sensor data live from treatment plants to control or block the transfer of the biosolids; while we utilise aggregated and anonymised mobile network data to analyse and model people and transportation.

Mobile & Field Technologies

As part of our software development capability we include mobile app design and development. We have a particular strength in the use of mobile apps for field data capture and the integration of that data in realtime to central management solutions. Take for example the roads condition survey app used across 100,000km of roads; the footways survey app; speed limits, road assets apps. Plus our biodiversity recording app, and the GoParkit pay-by-phone app. We couple the software and web services aspects, with hardware and GPS optimal use.

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