Location Technologies

The use of location technologies in our software development work testifies to Compass Informatics’ strong GIS background. The effective use of digital map viewers, mapping widgets in CRM systems, clever maps in mobile apps, excellent data management and analysis – are all hallmarks of our experience and expertise in the field.


Location Technologies & Analytics Workflow

A typical Location Technologies project or solution workflow progresses from the initial Requirements Analysis (project scoping, reporting and services specifications) to Data Modelling (data specifications and database design), on to Data Capture (field survey, integration and conversion of existing datasets), followed by Data Analysis, leading to Information Dissemination and Reporting (via Web or mobile-based mapping presentation and reporting tools). The process is maintained by post-delivery and on-going support and maintenance actions, including training where required and requested by the client.

The Spatial Analysis & GIS influence

The location tag in data allows us to map, manage, view, analyse and share in ways that facilitate evidence-based decision-making.  At Compass, we are GIS experts of over 20 years standing. We leverage this extensive experience, coupled with our ICT expertise, to seamlessly integrate spatial information systems or GIS into our systems – be they desktop GIS for analysis, mobile apps for data capture, or web systems for business workflows. We adopt the best-fit technology – be it Esri ArcGIS, open-source or other alternatives.

The location tag in data is exceptionally powerful, allowing new insights and efficient and effective ways of sharing information, especially when coupled with dashboards, reports and statistical methods.

Compass makes extensive use of GPS and spatial analysis code as a technology component in many of our technology solutions. This is especially the case in our mobile apps suite that are used to assess, map and manage assets – be it road surfaces or biodiversity records.