Network Analysis – Citi Logik

Through co-working with Citi Logik over a number of years, Compass Informatics has built knowledge and expertise in the generation of demand insights and network analysis.

This is derived from anonymised mobile phone network data in compliance with data privacy laws and EU regulations including GDPR.

About Citi Logik

Formed in 2012, Citi Logik are a British technology company established to develop insights and predictive analytics derived from mobile network data (MND) in compliance with data privacy laws.

Citi Logik enhance anonymised raw mobile network data to enable organisations to identify trends with the flow of people across a variety of different transportation modes.

Project Requirements

Citi Logik requested the assistance in the development of new ways in identifying and analysing demand activity, which we apply to complex spatial challenges in the sectors of Transport, Intelligent Mobility, Smarter Cities, Retail & Advertising, and the Built Environment.

Compass’ Solution – Network Analysis

Compass contributed to the development of a Cloud-based platform and the technology necessary for the wider scale use of anonymised network data within the cities and the regions.

This network analysis platform included,

  • Full analysis of Network Data:  Fully analysed and aggregated historic data on a project by project basis to engineering consultancies, cities, airports and others.
  •  Real Time Services:  Following advanced trials of real time network data, the Citi Analytics and Rail Analytics cloud platforms provide a combination of real time and historic data to monitor traffic flows across a city including predictive capabilities.
  •  Gateway Services: Privacy compliant Data Gateway Services for interested parties/vendors, delivered and enabled through the AWS environment.

Solution Snapshot

Citi Logik Network Analysis

About Compass

Compass Informatics is an Irish company providing location technologies and data analytics solutions which enable government and commercial organisations to deliver more efficient operations, protect their assets and meet regulatory requirements.

Compass Informatics’ services include GIS & Data Analytics, IT Systems Development and Location Technologies and the company has won awards for their innovative solutions and focus on sustainability.

Compass leverages the latest technologies to achieve full-service project delivery including; Big Data Analytics, AI, Cloud, Mobile, GIS and Satellite-based Earth Observation amongst others.

Compass Informatics  are part of Tracsis Plc.

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