ESA Commercialisation Days – Transportation

The ESA Commercialisation Days – Transportation Event, held recently in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, brought together key players from the space and transportation sectors.

It was great to explore collaboration opportunities and the wide-ranging benefits space can bring to the rapidly evolving transport sector.

Compass Informatics Technical Director Walter French attended the event and has compiled a summary of his key findings.


Automotive Sessions

The automotive sessions focused on how the car industry is changing and how location services (e.g., GNSS) are changing how manufacturers design and build cars/vehicles.

Simplification of hardware, while leveraging the capabilities of ever-improving software and data systems, is at the forefront of these advancements.


Rail Sessions

The rail sessions centred on energy efficiencies, sustainability, and smart rail management systems.

The discussions highlighted how space is playing a crucial role in enabling train operators (passenger and freight) to monitor infrastructure and provide enhanced services to passengers.

This includes space-based broadband communication systems and multi-bearer systems.



Maritime Sessions

The maritime sessions delved into cost efficiencies, ports’ management, and freight security (insurance).

Digital twins for ports, advances in AIS to support management and monitoring of freight traffic at sea, and situational awareness platforms that consume data from multiple sources were key topics.

The goal here is to make sea freight more cost-efficient by utilising weather data to reroute shipping vessels onto longer-distance but lower-fuel-consuming routes.


ESA’s Support for Fast Scaling Technologies

The ESA is committed to promoting fast-scaling technologies and supporting proposals for disruptive or game-changing technical advances using space-borne data sources.

They are particularly interested in supporting SMEs and companies to build clear business cases, fund innovation, and then prepare investor plans within the first two years of a project.


Compass Informatics’ Role in EO & Transportation Developments

Compass Informatics is eager to play its part in these EO developments and is excited about the future prospects.

The company possesses expertise in various areas relevant to the topics discussed at the ESA Commercialisation Days – Transportation Event, learn more here.



Compass Informatics is committed to collaborating with industry partners and the ESA to develop innovative solutions that leverage space-based technologies to enhance the transportation sector.

We believe that these advancements will lead to increased efficiency, sustainability, and safety across all modes of transportation.

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