Our Events to Date [2024 Half-Time]

At Compass Informatics, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change, which is why attending industry events is a cornerstone of our strategy.

Engaging with leading minds in Earth Observation (EO), data analytics, and sustainability allows us to share our expertise, learn from others, and forge partnerships that create a better future.

As the first half of 2024 draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment to look back at the exciting events we’ve participated in so far:


UK EONS Launch Events

Our Commercial Director, Phil Baldacchino-Steward at the UK-EONS event earlier this year

The UK Earth Observation Network for Sustainability (UK-EONS) launch event marked the official kick-off of a pilot program designed to harness the power of EO technology for a more sustainable future. Compass Informatics was delighted to be part of this momentous occasion, with Vivienne K. and Phil Baldacchino-Steward representing our team.

The event offered a platform for industry leaders to discuss how EO can be leveraged to address critical environmental challenges and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

We were excited to contribute to these discussions and explore potential collaborations with other stakeholders invested in a greener tomorrow.



NAVISP Workshop

The NAVISP workshop in Dublin proved to be a valuable source of knowledge for the Compass Informatics team, particularly Pallavi Prasad who attended the event. NAVISP delves deep into the exciting realm of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) matters in Ireland.

The workshop provided a fertile ground for exchanging ideas and exploring the intersection of cutting-edge technologies within this domain. We were particularly interested in learning about the latest advancements in PNT and how these innovations can be applied to various sectors, including sustainable transportation and environmental monitoring.



Growing the Space Economy Together

Compass Informatics was thrilled to participate in the inaugural “Growing the Space Economy Together” event, co-hosted by the Scottish Government in Ireland, University College Dublin, and the University of Strathclyde. This unique event presented a valuable opportunity to collaborate with leading stakeholders in the space sector across both Ireland and Scotland.

The focus of the event was harnessing the power of space technology to address critical challenges, including achieving Net Zero emissions and developing disruptive technologies with the potential to revolutionise various industries.

At Compass Informatics, we firmly believe in the transformative power of space technology and are excited to contribute to collaborative initiatives like this one. The event fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and potential partnerships that could lead to groundbreaking advancements in the space sector and its applications for a more sustainable future.



Transport Research Arena (TRA2024)

Compass Informatics were proud to have a team present at TRA2024

Compass Informatics was excited to announce our participation in the highly anticipated Transport Research Arena (TRA2024) Conference held in Dublin. This prestigious conference brings together the brightest minds in transportation research, policy, and industry to explore the theme of “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility.”

Our team showcased our expertise in harnessing GIS and EO data for sustainable transport solutions and had the opportunity to connect with other industry leaders at the event. We actively participated in discussions and presentations, highlighting the potential of geospatial technologies to optimise infrastructure utilisation, promote greener transportation options, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable transport sector.



ESA GTIF Stakeholder Workshop

The ESA GTIF Stakeholder Workshop brought together experts from across the UK and Ireland, representing government sectors, industries, and NGOs. This in-person event provided a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing around the Green Transition Information Factory (GTIF) project, an initiative aimed at supporting the global transition to a carbon-neutral future.

Compass Informatics, with a focus on the UK, Ireland, and France, is leveraging Earth Observation (EO) to explore solutions for five key areas: energy, mobility, sustainable cities, food systems, and carbon accounting. We believe that EO data, coupled with data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), holds immense potential for tackling climate change and achieving environmental sustainability.

The ESA GTIF Stakeholder Workshop provided a valuable opportunity to contribute to this crucial project and shape the future of the Green Transition.



TechNExt Festival

The TechNExt festival at Newcastle University, co-organised by Space North East England, served as a hub for exploring cutting-edge solutions for a greener future. Compass Informatics actively participated in UK-EONS’ “Research & Innovation Showcase: Earth Observation for Sustainability.”

This showcase highlighted the power of EO data, data science, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tackling environmental challenges.

The potential of this powerful combo lies in unlocking valuable insights from Earth’s vast datasets. These insights lead to advancements in:

  • Climate change monitoring
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Disaster response strategies



IACS Community Exchange Conference

Adriaan Keurhorst (L) and Rob O’Loughlin (R) of Compass informatics


The IACS Community Exchange Conference in Rome brought together CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) experts from across the European continent.

We were happy to chat with attendees about how our data and IT solutions can streamline their CAP processes. Our solutions can ensure accurate and reliable data collection and we can offer real-world examples of successful CAP projects we’ve undertaken.



AGI Northern Ireland Conference

A snapshot from this year’s AGI Conference in Northern Ireland

Compass Informatics was excited to announce our participation in the AGI Northern Ireland Conference held at Riddel Hall, Queen’s University Belfast. The theme of the conference, “Sustainable Futures: Geospatial Innovations and Impacts,” perfectly aligns with Compass Informatics’ core mission of empowering sustainable communities through innovative use of geospatial technology.

We believe collaboration is key to driving positive change in this space. The conference provided a platform to explore potential partnerships that can contribute to a greener and more resilient Ireland.



Transport Ireland 2024 Conference

It was great to listen to Minister Jack Chambers at this year's event

We were thrilled to be a part of the Transport Ireland 2024 Conference held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin.

Our Operations Director, Nick Andrews, joined industry leaders to discuss critical topics shaping the future of Ireland’s transport sector. Some of the key talking points included:

  • Implementing a more sustainable transport system through the avoid-shift-improve framework.
  • The role of local authorities in encouraging modal shift.
  • Transport and CAP24.
  • Emerging policy priorities for transport in Ireland.

Compass Informatics is a proud partner in creating a sustainable transport future for Ireland. We offer a suite of solutions that empower informed decision-making, optimise infrastructure utilisation, and promote greener transportation options.



HubCAP Project Closure

Vivienne K., Robert O’Loughlin, and Raghnall O’Donoghue who recently celebrated the successful closure of the HubCAP project in Frascati, Rome!

Developed in partnership with the ESA InCubed programme, HubCAP is a revolutionary platform that automates land use and land use change assessments using satellite imagery.

Traditionally, validating land-use changes involved time-consuming field visits. HubCAP empowers non-technical users to initiate and view land use changes using various scenarios.

The HubCAP platform empowers users to define areas for assessment, choose assessments to be carried out, and view results. Compass Informatics is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in Earth Observation!


These events have been a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations and we’re looking forward to what the rest of 2024 holds and continuing to play a role in shaping a greener, more sustainable future.

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