Transport Research Arena (TRA2024)

Compass Informatics is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Transport Research Arena (TRA2024) Conference in Dublin this April.

Held from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th, TRA2024 brings together the brightest minds in transportation research, policy, and industry to explore the theme of “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility”.

Using GIS & EO Technologies within Transportation

At Compass Informatics, we firmly believe that Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Earth Observation (EO) technologies are the driving force behind a more sustainable transportation future.

Such technologies can be used to:

  • Optimise public transport routes: By analysing ridership data and population density, GIS can help design efficient routes that meet passenger needs while minimising environmental impact.
  • Reduce traffic congestion: Real-time traffic monitoring with GIS allows for dynamic traffic management, reducing emissions and improving travel times.
  • Plan for sustainable infrastructure: EO data provides valuable insights into land use patterns and environmental factors, enabling the development of sustainable transport infrastructure.


Proven Track Record in Transport

Compass Informatics boasts a rich history of collaboration with transport organisations to implement these innovative solutions.

We’ve partnered with clients to:

  • Build a platform which uses open source data to provide a multimodal transit app for the Dublin City area.
  • Provide a visualisation and route planning tool to illustrate how changes would impact journeys & generate public discussion.
  • Map out existing transport networks, analyse passenger demand, and identify areas for new infrastructure or services.



We’re excited to showcase our expertise in harnessing GIS and EO for sustainable transport, whilst aiming to:

  • Forge connections with industry leaders and visionary researchers.
  • Immerse ourselves in the latest advancements in sustainable mobility.
  • Play a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation.

We warmly invite you to connect with us at the conference and explore how Compass Informatics can empower your organisation to achieve its sustainability goals within the transport sector.

Join us at TRA2024 and be part of the conversation shaping a greener transportation future!

About Compass Informatics

Compass Informatics is a leading provider of geospatial intelligence solutions, empowering organisations to make informed decisions and optimise their operations through the power of spatial data.

We offer a comprehensive suite of geospatial solutions, including GIS software, data analytics, and consulting services, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients across diverse industries.

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